My Mobility Scooter won't go

My Mobility Scooter won’t go

As a Mobility Engineer I am often asked

“Why won’t my Scooter move?”

Surprisingly in about 80% of cases, just by talking to the owner over the phone and asking them to carry out simple checks, can rectify the problem.

So if your “Mobility Scooter Won’t Go”, follow these simple checks and hopefully you will be among the 80%, and will soon be back on the road!!!

Just follow the the simple checks in order …….NEXT


9 thoughts on “My Mobility Scooter won’t go”

  1. I have a CTM HS 580 which will not move – it is fully charged – has 2 brand new batterys and the motor works as my partner connected the batterys and the motor with a jump lead and it moved really fast however without this is does not move an inch – any advise please?


  2. I have a pride celebrity x. It acts like it is neutral at all times. The little neutral knob on the electric motor won’t lock in. When I have it down in the locked position it is a bit harder to roll, but not much difference. The voltage meter shows it has plenty of amperage but can’t get it to move on its own.


  3. i have a days strider scooter. As i reduce the speed by turning the “pot” down, whilst still moving, the scooter cuts out when i reach the slowest speed. Checked connections. checked key switch. should have said the green light goes out but the battery level stays up.Switch it off and on and off we go again until the next time i reduce the speed by turning the speed dial right down.Any advice appreciated. David


    1. Hi David,
      Sounds like the speed Pot is faulty at the low speed end, the wiper inside the speed pot is becoming disconnected when you turn it down. If this is causing a major problem then the speed pot will need changing


  4. Ive a cadtz mobilty scooter 7 years old new batteries it keeps bleeping and wont move had full servise 7 months ago


    1. Hi Joan,
      So So sorry for not getting back to you, I have not been on the site for months.
      If you have not alredy got thte scooter going, may I sugesst checking the following

      1. is it in drive, i.e. if you can push the scooter along then it ins NOT in drive.To put it in drive there is a leaver at the back of the scooter, with ether a picture of someone pushing the scooter and a picture of somone sitting on the scooter, or the letter “D” and “N”. The leaver should be in the position of the person sitting on the scooter or the”D” position.

      REMEMBER after moving the position of the leaver, switch off the scooter using the key and then switch on again, this will reset the scooter controls.

      2. If the forward / reverse arms (Wigwag) are not at the rest position (parrallel to the handle bars) when you switch on the scooter will not go. This is to pervent the scooter from speeding of as you switch on.
      REMEMBER to switch off the scooter using the key and then switch on again, this will reset the scooter controls.

      3. Is the charger pluged in, if so remove the plug from the scooter and reset the scooter as above.

      I hope this helps and once again sorry for the delay.


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