My Mobility Scooter won't go

7. Is Your Charger Working

7. Is Your Charger Working

When you connect your charger the charge light should come on. Once the battery is 95% charged then the charge light should go out.

Charging can take up to 12 hours, I always recommend you leave your battery on charge over night, the charger will switch off the charge internally once your battery is fully charged


5 thoughts on “7. Is Your Charger Working”

  1. Hi Paul
    Our scooter is fully charged, in gear and the wig wag is clear but it was out of use for five weeks while the user was in hospital. Now the scooter won’t go, if I call an engineer they take at least a month to do anything. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


    1. Hi Ruth, I am glad we were able to help, sorry for the delay in responding, this is due to a large increase in serviceing and brakedowns on mobility equipment.
      I hope you are enjoying the better weather, and making the most of it on your scooter
      Kind Regards


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