Stone Age Daily Living Aid

Stone age man with staffBelow you can see reconstructions of the first
Daily Living Aid

We can see the developement of the most widely used Daily Living Aid, which has been in use for thousands of years, it first started out as a stick picked up from the ground.

It progressed to a stick being cut from a live tree, after some time, thought went into how to hold the stick.

The handle of a walking staff, later to become a walking stick has evolved from no handle, to a knot or fork in the original wood to a curved or sculpted head.


Walking sticks are still made from selected wood and can be carved into works of art

Modern walking sticks can be made from metal, they can be hight adjustable and folding. They can look contemporary or very fashionable.

Walking Sticks

The head of a modern Walking Stick can be sculpted as an art form, or as a practical attachment or for increased mobility.

fisher handle walking stickThe Fisher handled Walking Stick is designed to rest in the palm of your hand, this provides both a greater area to spread your weight, and much easier to hold especially for someone suffering from arthritis in the hand or fingers.


The length or hight of a Walking Stick is very important, as if it is to long it will cause the user to lean to one side. To short will cause the user to bend or stoop.

Caring Comes First Mobility offers a wide selection of walking Sticks, and will measure, cut or adjust your new Walking Stick to the correct length for you.