Mobility Scooters – Buyers Check List

Mobility  Scooter Buyers Check List

“Always go to buy a Mobility Scooter with a friend or relative, never on your own”

Make sure you have the answers ready for the questions below

What are you going to use the Mobility Scooter For?

  • Putting in back of car
  • Local Shopping
  • Long rides

How many wheels?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 3 with stabilizers
  • Double

Where are you going to keep the Mobility Scooter?

  • In the house
  • Under a cover
  • In a shed / garage
  • Is there a socket near by Yes/No


  • Your weight
  • Your disability

Make sure you are fully satisfied with the items below

  • Assessment You should be fully assessed by the sales person, including your weight, size, disability (both physical and mental)
  • Correct size Is the scooter the correct size for you and for the your intended use
  • Comfortable Are you comfortable sitting and riding the scooter .. has it been adjusted for you
  • Demonstration Have you been given a full demonstration of how to use the scooter and do you understand what you have been told
  • Test drive You need to have a test drive to ensure you can handle the scooter and to see if you feel comfortable
  • Questions answered Have all your questions been answered satisfactory
  • Warranty Find out how long the warranty period is and what to do if you have a problem during the warranty period
  •  Service / Repair Can the shop offer ongoing support for servicing and repairs
  • Optional Extras Are there any optional extras that could make life easier for you. i.e. bag, mirrors, walking stick holders
  • Home delivery Make sure the cost of the Mobility Scooter includes home delivery
  • No pressure sales If you feel you are being pressurised into buying by the sales person, DO NOT BUY … leave the shop
  • Insurance Ask for insurance details for both you and the Mobility Scooter
  • Contact Details Insure you have full contact details of the place you buy the Mobility Scooter from

If you are not happy with any aspect of your sales experience …

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