Car Hoist, Transfer Person Lift and Transfer Plate


CCF Mobility is an accredited partner of autochair, and as such we work closley with autochair to arrange home visits, or for autochair to visit our shop to meet you for a full demo and no obligation quotation.


Lifting a scooter or powerchair
into your car


We offer a number of solutions including wheelchair or scooter hoists and lifts, designed especially for the loading and unloading of mobility aids to and from your vehicle for easy stowage and transport. These are available under Motability or private purchase.

The Smart Lifter is a wheelchair, scooter and powerchair hoist. Its powerful lifting capacity enables drivers to transport some of the biggest and largest scooters on the market. The Smart Lifter is capable of lifting wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs weighing up to 200kg!

And thanks to its advanced engineering and superb design, The Smart Lifter hoist is capable of lifting all types of wheelchair, scooter or powerchair effortlessly into the back of your vehicle at the touch of a button -yet can be easily detached to save valuable space in the boot.

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Getting yourself into the car


Our innovative person lift enables users to effortlessly transfer from a wheelchair to the vehicle at the touch of a button and our stylish transfer plate attaches to the side of your car seat, providing a convenient and easy-to-fit seating solution to help get you into position. Both products fit most car makes and models so in most cases there is no reason for you to change your car.

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Autochair Transfer Plate


Functional, stylish and effortlessly discreet, the Autochair Transfer Plate gives passengers and drivers alike a stable and sturdy platform on which to pause before they can settle themselves properly into their seat. Clever design means that it is simple to install and easy to use, and can be suitable for people with almost all levels of mobility.

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