Tena FlexTENA Flex is revolutionary belted protection which offers both the security and flexibility of an all-in-one system, and the comfort and discretion of a cloth-type product. The pad is held in place using the unique easy-fastening system that secures the pad to the belt.
TENA Flex has a soft, breathable back-sheet and waist-belt, can be re-sealed, and is elasticated for a snug, secure fit.
This product is easier to put on when the wearer is able to stand. Absorption

Product detail
· Unique belted product that is easier and quicker to change than traditional products

· ComfiStretch elastic inserts which gently stretch to follow the body movements improving comfort for users

· Designed to minimize the need for moving and lifting, making pad changing less intrusive for the wearer

· FeelDry technology for outstanding dryness

· Available in sizes: S, M, L and XL

· Available in different levels of absorbency: Plus, Super and Maxi