Tena menIts comfortable cup shape is designed specifically for the male anatomy men and is so discreet that it is unnoticeable under clothes. The adhesive strip secures the pad in its optimum position so you can continue what you are doing worry free.

Product Details
TENA Men is so discreet, no one will ever know you’re wearing it.

The unique Lock Away Core™ contains micro-absorbents that lock in liquid and keep it away from the body, plus there’s the added reassurance of Odour Control™ for guaranteed feel good freshness.

Available in 3 levels of protection

How to wear?

Remove the protective backing from the adhesive strip and place on the groin with the adhesive strip against your underwear – pointy side between legs running fore and aft. Straighten your underwear and adjust as comfortable. You may need to apply pressure between the underwear and the adhesive strip to secure.

Key features
Discreet Anatomic shape specially designed for men.
Adhesive strip holds the pad in place in underwear.
Odour Control™ reduces the risk of undesirable smells.
Textile-like backing for natural comfort.
Leak-proof backing prevents staining and has a textile feel for natural comfort.
Efficient absorption core with super-absorbent granules.
Dermatologically tested to be skin friendly.