Aerolite Ramp Accessories

Upright Storage Bracket Kit

Compact vertical storage for NEW Aerolight-Xtra ramps c/w locking top section for extra security (maximum 180cm long ramp recommended for ease-of-reach).  Perfect for railway applications and supplied with railway standard key.  Base can be fitted to floor or wall.  Code: ASBV

Horizontal Storage Bracket Kit

Easy, ergonomic storage for NEW Aerolight-Classic and Xtra ramps with padlock security (padlock supplied with kit).  Code: ASB

Wall Strap Kit

Quick-fit strap holds all NEW Aerolight ramps vertically against wall for a tidy storage solution. Code: AWK

Warning Cone

High visibility cone, alerts pedestrians to the presence of access ramps. Code: AWC

Ramp Locating Peg Kit

Can be fitted to any NEW Aerolight ramp to securely locate the ramp on upper step/vehicle, etc. Kit includes: 2 studs, drill bit and fixings. Image shows the underside of lip with locating studs. Code: ARLS

Connect Platform

For use with all NEW Aerolight ramps, excellent for events. Code: CP12