New Aerolight-High Rise Ramp


Achieve incredible lengths and heights with lightweight, portable ramps!

A convenient, portable solution for multiple steps, combining the well-known benefits of the NEW Aerolight-Xtra with the ramp joining support (AJ4).

Your benefits:

  • Fully adjustable for any height and gradient
  • Ramp joining support (AJ4) is also available separately – see below
  • Save £’s by buying as a kit


Key Product Information

Code Includes Length Ramp Width* Lip Width Max height at 1:8 Capacity
HR30 1 x AJ4, 2 x AX15 300cm (10′) 76cm (30″) 71.4cm (28.1″) 37.5cm (15″) 350kg (55st)
HR36 1 x AJ4, 2 x AX18 360cm (12′) 76cm (30″) 71.4cm (28.1″) 45cm (18″) 350kg (55st)
HR42 1 x AJ4, 2 x AX21 420cm (14′) 76cm (30″) 71.4cm (28.1″) 52.5cm (21″) 300kg (47st)
HR48 1 x AJ4, 2 x AX24 480cm (16′) 76cm (30″) 71.4cm (28.1″) 60cm (24″) 250kg (39st)
Code Description Height Capacity Weight
AJ4 Joining Support: Includes easy-use handle fixings for height adjustment. Can be used with any NEW Aerolight ramps. 11 – 45cm (4 – 18”) 350kg (55st) 4.7kg (10lbs)

* Ramp width excludes handles