Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds also known as electric beds or rise and recline beds, are beneficial in many ways. Not only do they provide a comfortable position to sleep, they also provide the following benefits.

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Head raised

With your head raised and supported, it is ideal for reading or watching television. Sleeping with the upper body elevated can also be a beneficial aid for breathing.

Legs raised

Elevating your aching feet or tired legs is such a great feeling! This position uses gravity to help move fluid away from your feet, ankles and lower legs and can improve circulation.

Variable height

Being able to raise and lower the overall height of your bed has many advantages. These can include making getting in and out easier and reducing the risk of back strain for supporting relatives or carers.


Adjustable beds are available in both single and double sizes, the double having two separate controls and movements to provide independent bed positioning and adjustment.


There are a variety of types of mattresses available to meet your requirements and your weight.


CCF Mobility always recommends that you have an assessment before buying an adjustable bed. The assessment can be performed by a Ocupational Therapist, or by one of our full trained staff