Tena Slip

Tena Slip

TENA Slip is all-in-one protection, where the pad’s re-sealable fixation tapes are secured to the waistband.
It can be re-fastened and adjusted for improving comfort, and is elasticated for a snug, secure fit.
This product is easier to put on when the wearer is lying down.

Product Details
· FeelDry technology for outstanding dryness

· Body fitting curved leg elastics for improved fit, comfort and leakage security

· Easy Fit for easier to put on the body

· Wetness indicator to show when the product needs to be changed

· Noise free for wearer discretion

· Available in sizes: XS, S, M and L

· Available in different level of absorbency: Plus, Super and Maxi

Lille Suprem Protective Undergarment

Lif Incontinence Products

Lille Suprem Protective Undergarment are easy to fit and remove, promoting self-care and user dignity.
Suprem protective undergarment simply pulls into place, saving valuable time and simple tear away sides are designed to make life easier.
The suprem protective undergarment are designed with an extra super absorbent core that provides concentrated protection where it is most needed.
Breathable and hypoallergenic to maximise skin integrity the suprem protective undergarment also have odour control.

Senset immobile all-in-one Pads

Senset Incontinence Products

Senset Incontinence Products

Senset immobile all-in-one pads are an all-in-one pad offering maximum absorbencyfor people with very severe incontinence.
Specially designed to suit wearers with extremely restricted mobility, the immobile all-in-one pads include super absorbent polymers, gathered soft back, anti-leakage cuffs and a wetness indicator.
Specifications: Breathable: No
Fits Size: Medium
Brand: Senset
Continence Absorbency: Moderate

TENA Pants

Tena Pants

Tena Pants

TENA Pants are a pad and pant in one, that look and feel just like everyday underwear, that hug the shape of your body perfectly.
Suitable for moderate bladder weakness, they are designed as an alternative to a pad product, offering superb security and protection, no matter what activity your day holds.

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Tena men

Tena men

Its comfortable cup shape is designed specifically for the male anatomy men and is so discreet that it is unnoticeable under clothes. The adhesive strip secures the pad in its optimum position so you can continue what you are doing worry free.

Product Details
TENA Men is so discreet, no one will ever know you’re wearing it.

The unique Lock Away Core™ contains micro-absorbents that lock in liquid and keep it away from the body, plus there’s the added reassurance of Odour Control™ for guaranteed feel good freshness.

Available in 3 levels of protection

How to wear?

Remove the protective backing from the adhesive strip and place on the groin with the adhesive strip against your underwear – pointy side between legs running fore and aft. Straighten your underwear and adjust as comfortable. You may need to apply pressure between the underwear and the adhesive strip to secure.

Key features
Discreet Anatomic shape specially designed for men.
Adhesive strip holds the pad in place in underwear.
Odour Control™ reduces the risk of undesirable smells.
Textile-like backing for natural comfort.
Leak-proof backing prevents staining and has a textile feel for natural comfort.
Efficient absorption core with super-absorbent granules.
Dermatologically tested to be skin friendly.


Tena Lady

Tena Lady

These small, slim reliable pads in five absorbencies Tena Lady have an extremely effective inner core, allowing faster fluid acquisition and improved absorbency keeping the skin dry and the wearer secure. The unique ODOUR CONTROL™ inhibits the development of embarrassing smells for a more dignified way of life.

Features and Benefits
– QuickDry topsheet provides quick absorption and locks the liquid away giving superior dryness
– Adhesive strip to hold in place in underwear
– Odour Control™ reduces the risk of odour for freshness and discretion
– Textile-like surface next to your body
– Body-shaped for excellent body fit


Tena Flex

Tena Flex

TENA Flex is revolutionary belted protection which offers both the security and flexibility of an all-in-one system, and the comfort and discretion of a cloth-type product. The pad is held in place using the unique easy-fastening system that secures the pad to the belt.
TENA Flex has a soft, breathable back-sheet and waist-belt, can be re-sealed, and is elasticated for a snug, secure fit.
This product is easier to put on when the wearer is able to stand. Absorption

Product detail
· Unique belted product that is easier and quicker to change than traditional products

· ComfiStretch elastic inserts which gently stretch to follow the body movements improving comfort for users

· Designed to minimize the need for moving and lifting, making pad changing less intrusive for the wearer

· FeelDry technology for outstanding dryness

· Available in sizes: S, M, L and XL

· Available in different levels of absorbency: Plus, Super and Maxi


Tena Fix

Tena Fix

Part of a 2-piece product, TENA Fix is a purpose-designed reusable mesh stretch pant, suitable for holding TENA Comfort pads in place securely.

They are washable and reusable, holding their shape and elasticity after washing.

TENA Comfort and TENA Fix can be put on the wearer if they are standing up or lying down, and are easy to fit and change.

Product detail
Approx. 20 washes – wash at 70°C max, spin dry at 60°C max

Six sizes are available – Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or XXL.

TENA Comfort

Tena Comfort

Tena Comfort

TENA Comfort is a flexible and comfortable ‘shaped’ pad, for people who require a high absorbency product and wish to continue using pads.

The TENA Comfort pad is a 2-piece product which should be held in place with TENA Fix stretch pants.

Product detail

· FeelDry gives outstanding dryness through quick inlet and excellent retention

· All-Round barrier assures the right bowl shape for rapid and secure absorption

· Body-contoured for close fit and maximum comfort

· Wetness indicator on the outside to show when the product needs to be changed

· Available in different levels of absorbency: Normal, Plus, Extra, Super and Maxi

TENA Bed Pads

Tena Bed Pad

The TENA Bed Pads are designed to a high level of quality, containing Virgin Fluff Pulp and featuring a polyethylene back for extra protection.

The pulp has been manufactured with a diamond shaped wicking to maximise absorbency, it does so by spreading any liquids across the pad for an even absorption.

These disposable bed pads have a waterproof backing to protect the user’s furniture from accidents, they are versatile in their operation and can be used on chairs, wheelchairs and car seats as well as beds.