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Christmas Event

CCF Mobility Inspired by Autumn

CCF Mobility has been inspired by Autumn To celebrate Autumn CCF Mobility has added a new Mobility scooter to it’s stock Vippi Mobility scooter Trendy, transportable & fuss free, the Vippi is lightweight, versatile & compact. Designed & engineered to make every day easy… Continue Reading “CCF Mobility Inspired by Autumn”

Wheelchair Hire Berkshire & Hampshire

Find Your Freedom .. Go and Explore
Caring Comes First Mobility has a hire fleet of wheelchairs, both self-propelled and attendant wheelchairs, both chairs fold up so that they can be transported in a car, foot rests are included in the hire

We also hire wheelchair cushions and leg raisers, please request these when booking your wheelchair hire.


We stock a range of both Transit and self proppelled wheelchairs View our range

Adjustable chairs

View our range of Adjustable Chairs General Information An Adjustable Chair, also known as a Rise & Recline chair, is one that is powered by electric motor(s) to adjust the back and leg rest, so that the user has a comfortable and well supported… Continue Reading “Adjustable chairs”

Mobility Equipment Servicing and Repair

Caring Comes First Mobility services and repairs the following mobility equipment: Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs, Wheelchairs, Adjustable Chairs, Adjustable Beds.


Assessments are essential for matching the correct product to the needs, size weight, mobility and disability of our customers. We provide free assessments for all our customers, particularly when purchasing the following products.

Mobility Scooters Facts & Information

The Travel Mobility Scooter The “Boot Scoot” as it is known in the trade is a scooter that comes apart easily and can be packed into the boot of a car. This type of Mobility Scooter is ideal for going out for walks with… Continue Reading “Mobility Scooters Facts & Information”

Knee Replacement / Hip Replacement Operation Aids and Products

Hip / Knee Replacement Operation Aids, Equipment and Products Both Knee and Hip replacement operations are now common place, and the recovery times are reducing as technology advances. The recovery period is the most important part of the treatment, as what you do during… Continue Reading “Knee Replacement / Hip Replacement Operation Aids and Products”

Mobility Scooters – Buyers Check List

Mobility  Scooter Buyers Check List “Always go to buy a Mobility Scooter with a friend or relative, never on your own” Make sure you have the answers ready for the questions below

Number of Wheels

Number of Wheels   Four wheeled Mobility Scooters are the most popular, due to their stability.       Three wheeled Mobility Scooters have small turning circles making them easy to manoeuvre.     Three wheeled Mobility Scooters with stabilisers have small turning circles… Continue Reading “Number of Wheels”

Mobility Scooter Sizes

Mobility Scooter Sizes The Travel Mobility Scooter The “Boot Scoot” as it is known in the trade is a scooter that comes apart easily and can be packed into the boot of a car. This type of Mobility Scooter is ideal for going out… Continue Reading “Mobility Scooter Sizes”

Where to buy a Mobility Scooter

Where to buy a Mobility Scooter At the end of the day you will buy a Mobility Scooter from whoever you choose, but please read all the information below first, to avoid some of the common pitfalls.


Caring Comes First Mobility has a large selection of Wheelchairs available to meet your needs, all at competitive prices
All our wheelchairs come complete with footrests and arm rests, cushions can be purchased separately.
Each wheelchair can be easily folded up for transport or storage. Drive units can be fitted to some of the wheelchairs we stock, please ask for details.

1. Is your scooter connected to the charger

1. Is your scooter connected to the charger If your scooter is connected to the charger then it will not go.The reason for this is to prevent you driving off while connected to the charger, which would cause you to rip out the plug… Continue Reading “1. Is your scooter connected to the charger”

2. Is your battery charged

2. Is Your Battery Charged Check the fuel gauge to make sure the gauge is in the green or yellow. If the gauge is pointing to the red, then your battery requires charging, your scooter can sense this and will not run. Remedy If… Continue Reading “2. Is your battery charged”

3. Are you in Gear

3. Are You In Gear Check to ensure you are in gear; get off the scooter and see if you can push the scooter freely. If you can push the scooter then you are in free wheel. Remedy Move the lever at the back… Continue Reading “3. Are you in Gear”

4. Is your Wig-Wag Clear

4. Is Your Wig Wag Clear The Wig Wag is the bar you press to go forward or reverse. It must be in the rest position before you switch on the Mobility Scooter. Remedy Remove any bags from the handle bars Ensure the Wig… Continue Reading “4. Is your Wig-Wag Clear”

5. Are you Connected

5. Are You Connected If you have a transportable (boot scooter) ensure the rear and front end are joined firmly together and are in line. Also if there are any plug and sockets used to connect the electrics, check they are in firmly. Remedy… Continue Reading “5. Are you Connected”

6. Is your Battery Faulty

6. Is Your Battery Faulty If your fuel gauge is pointing to the green area; but when you move the Wig Wag (forward / reverse lever) the gauge points to the red or goes fully to the left, and then you let go of… Continue Reading “6. Is your Battery Faulty”

7. Is Your Charger Working

7. Is Your Charger Working When you connect your charger the charge light should come on. Once the battery is 95% charged then the charge light should go out. Charging can take up to 12 hours, I always recommend you leave your battery on charge over night,… Continue Reading “7. Is Your Charger Working”

Cosyfeet stockists

Cosyfeet Stockists


Discover what’s new in the Cosyfeet range of footwear this summer,
from Berkshire’s largest stockist, CCF Mobility

Men’s and Women’s Shoes / Boots
Sandals / Slippers / Hosiery / Socks

There’s wide fitting and then there’s Cosyfeet!
Designed to fit and flatter swollen feet

Wider, deeper and roomier than anything
you’ll find on the high street
Easy to get on and off swollen feet

Fits a range of swelling thanks to adjustable fastenings
Can also fit bunions, problem toes and bandaging
Some styles are suitable for orthotics

5 reasons to buy your Cosyfeet footwear
from Caring Comes First Mobility

Large stock of Cosyfeet ranges, sizes and colours

Try before you buy

Expert advice on choosing the correct Cosyfeet footwear

Order Cosyfeet products through Caring Comes First at no extra charge

Friendly helpful staff

Q: AGM or GEL battery?

Q: AGM or GEL battery? A: An Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) is the standard Mobility Scooter battery, and is for general use. The Gelled Electrolyte (GEL) is capable of a deeper discharge and can be charged / discharged (cycled) more than a AGM battery; it… Continue Reading “Q: AGM or GEL battery?”

Q: What is battery capacity?

 Q: What is battery capacity? A: Battery capacity is the amount of charge your battery can hold. i.e. If you have a 50 amp/hour battery then when it is new, it will supply 50 amps for a period of 1 hour (100%) capacity. After… Continue Reading “Q: What is battery capacity?”

Q: Can I use car batteries in my Mobility Scooter?

 Q: Can I use car batteries in my Mobility Scooter? A: NO, car batteries are designed to give a short burst of very high current, but Mobility Scooter batteries are designed to provide long periods of constant low current. Stairlifts Made in Britain dot… Continue Reading “Q: Can I use car batteries in my Mobility Scooter?”

Q: Are Mobility Batteries Safe?

Q: Are Mobility Batteries Safe? A: Yes they are Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, maintenance free and are accepted on all forms of transport including aircraft. Call Acorn stairlifts Britain 0800 016 9270 If you or your loved one is finding using the stairs… Continue Reading “Q: Are Mobility Batteries Safe?”

Q: Do I need to pass a test to ride my Mobility Scooter on the road?

Q: Do I need to pass a test to ride my Mobility Scooter on the road? A: Not at the moment, you come under a similar judgment as a bicycle. Call Acorn stairlifts Britain 0800 016 9270 If you or your loved one is… Continue Reading “Q: Do I need to pass a test to ride my Mobility Scooter on the road?”

Q: Can I drink and ride my mobility Scooter?

If you are on the road you are the same as any other road user, i.e. you can be prosecuted for drink driving.

Q: Do I need a road tax For my Mobility Scooter?

If your Mobility Scooter is a class 3 (has the capability of going over 4mph / 6kph) then yes, you need to register the scooter with the DVLA.

Q: If I ride on the road, do I need to follow the Highway Code?

If I ride on the road, do I need to follow the Highway Code?

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