Pre-Owned Mobility Scooters

Second Hand Mikra Mobility Scooter £350.00 ex VAT


1. Easy to dismantle
2. Twin detachable battery pack
3. 12 amp power batteries
4. Heaviest part 14.6 kg
5. Compact for easy transport
6. Swivel seat and flip up armrest
7. Black non-marking puncture proof tyres
8. Free wheel release handle
9. Flip up adjustable armrests
10. Tiller angle adjustment



del No. TE7A Maximum User Weight 113kg
Class 2 Battery Size 12v x 2 12 ah
Length 107cm Range 8-10 miles
Width 53cm Weight 48.3kg
Height 86cm Battery Pack 6.5kg
Seat Width 45cm Maximum Speed 4 mph
Seat Depth cm Front Wheel Size 20cm
Seat Height 53-55cm Rear Wheel Size 20cm
Armrest Height 15cm Turning Radius 115cm
Backrest Height 35cm Charger 2 amp off board
Seat Height From Floorplan 37cm Ground Clearance 8.9cm
Height (Back Folded) cm Colour Red
Safe Working Slope 6 ͦ


Pre-Owned Mobility Scooters

Second Hand Little Star £350.00 ex VAT


The Little Star is a compact, yet feisty 4 wheel lightweight mobility scooter that’s very easy to manoeuvre around the home or shopping centres. The lightweight and compact size makes it very portable by car. Simple to operate, with finger control levers, the Little Star can travel up to a speed of 4mph and achieve a distance of up to 8 miles between charges. Despite it’s simplicity, the Little Star comes with a complement of practical features such as an ergonomically designed hand wheel for tiller adjustment, a padded seat and flip back armrests to make access easy. It can also be quickly folded down for storage.


Pre-Owned Mobility Scooters

Second Hand 480 mobility scooter £350.00 ex VAT


This compact scooter is easily dismantled for transportation. There is a comfortable folding seat with a swivel action to make it easier getting on and off your scooter. It is capable of carrying up to 18 stone in weight, and can go for up to 8 miles between charges.

Charging is made more convenient, as the batteries can be charged with the off-board charger, allowing you to leave the scooter in the boot of your car. The heaviest part is a very light 28 lbs, and it offers 2″ of ground clearance.



Mobility Scooters

Solva Mobility Scooter

ccf solverThe Solva Compact Travel Mobility Scooter by Roma Medical has a modern design with a high weight limit and is packed with features.

This mobility scooter is specifically designed to be quickly dismantled without tools for easy transportation and will fit into most car boots.

Even though the Solva is a compact travel scooter, it still boasts some excellent features including a comfortable height adjustable seat, spacious leg room, flip up and width adjustable armrests and non marking puncture proof tyres.

It can also reach a maximum speed of 4mph, has a 21 stone maximum weight capacity and a range of 8 miles on a full battery charge. The battery can be charged either on board or off board.

The Solva Travel Mobility Scooter is available either Red or Blue.

Width: 54cm (21″)
Height: 86cm (34″)
Length: 106cm (42″)
Seat Width: 41cm (16″)
Seat Depth: 40cm (16″)
Seat Height: 56cm – 61cm (22″ – 24″)
Backrest Height: 37cm (14.5″)
Height Folded With No Seat: 49cm (19″)
Weight capacity: 136 kg (21 stone)
Seat Height from Floorpan: 44cm – 49cm (17″ – 19″)
Ground clearance: 6.5cm (2.5″)
Safe Working Slope: 6 ͦ
Maximum Speed: 4mph
Range: 8 miles
Battery size: 2 x 12V 12Ah
Turning radius: 104cm (41”)
Battery Pack Weight: 8.5kg
Front Wheel Size: 18cm (7″)
Rear Wheel Size: 20cm (8″)
Weight: 54kg
Mobility Scooters

Denver Mobility Scooter

Denver Mobility Scooter

  • Bigger wheels, smoother ride – Front wheels 7.5″, Rear wheels 8.5″
  • More ground clearance, better obstacle climbing
  • 5 year limited warranty (Chassis Only)
  • Shopping basket.
  • Front LED headlight.
  • Front and Rear Shock Absorbers.
  • Front and Rear Mud Guards.
  • Quickly dismantles without tools for easy transport and storage.
  • Horn
  • Anti- tipping wheels at rear.
  • Comfortable swivel adjustable height seat with rear storage pocket.
  • Flip up and width adjustable armrests.
  • Adjustable angle tiller.
  • Detachable battery pack.
  • Durable rubber foot mat and foot rests.
  • Available in Orange & Graphite Grey.


Model No. S130 Range* 16km / 10 miles
Class 2 Overall Weight 56kg / 124lbs
Overall Length 112cm / 44.1″ Maximum Speed – Low 6kmph / 4mph
Overall Width 55cm-65cm / 21.7″-25.6″ Wheel/Tyre Size – Front 7.5″
Overall Height 93cm-97cm / 36.7″-38.2″ Wheel/Tyre Size – Back 8.5″
Seat Width 44cm / 17″ Turning Radius 144cm / 56.7″
Battery Charger 2 Amp Standard Colours Orange & Graphite Grey
Safe Working Slope 6° / 10% Battery Size 2 x 12Ah
Maximum User Weight 136kg / 21.5st


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Assessments are essential for matching the correct product to the needs, size weight, mobility and disability of our customers.

We provide free assessments for all our customers, particularly when purchasing the following products.

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Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

KYMCO Mobility Scooters

Boot Scoots

Mid Range


High Range

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Mobility Scooter Battery Charging

Mobility Scooters

Kymco Mini Comfort ForU Scooter

Kymco Mini LS ForU


Mobility Scooters

Kymco K-Lite Comfort Mobility Scooter

The New K-Lite Comfort

K-Lite Comfort mobility scooter has been designed to provide you with

not only the ultimate in transportability but also the most comfortable, lightweight & most manoeuvrable of scooters available.
Designed with lightweight components & utilising ergonomic dismantling mechanisms, we have developed one of the lightest scooters on the market. This brand new scooter has been further enhanced by adding full front & rear suspension, so you can now enjoy an even more comfortable & luxurious ride!

K-Lite is absolutely packed with many features that will benefit your every day life,
independence & enjoyment:
– Easy to remove battery box with no plugs or wires to worry about, simply lift off & it
automatically disconnests itself for you.
– Full front & rear suspension providing a luxurious driving experience.
– Single handed de-docking system, making it easy for you to strip down for transportation.
– Waterproof ignition & horn switches, giving you peace of mind & improved reliability.
– Quality breathable comfort seating that swivels for safe access on & off your scooter.
– Stylish alloy type puncture-proof wheels, no need to worry about driving over thorns
when you are out and about



  • Max user weight                        125kg / 19.7 Stone
  • Length                                          1020 mm
  • Width                                            500 mm
  • Height                                           935 mm
  • Max speed                                    6.4 kmh / 4 mph
  • Range                                            16 km / 10 miles
  • Wheel size                                   195 mm (7.5″)
  • Wheel type                                  Solid
  • Heaviest part                              15 kg
  • Total weight inc bat                   30 kg
  • Battery                                         12 A
  • Suspension                                 Front & Rear
  • Ground Clearance                     76 mm / 3″
  • Turning radius                          1210 mm
  • Max slope – Deg                         8 Deg
  • Colours  Glossy Black, Sapphire Blue, Glossy Bronze, Metallic Mink, Flame Orange

Mobility Scooters

Kymco Super 4 ForU Scooter

Kymco Super 4 ForU


Mobility Scooters

Kymco Super 8 ForU Scooter

Super 8 ForU


Mobility Scooters

Kymco Midi XLS ForU Scooter

Midi XLS ForU


Mobility Scooters

Kymco Agility ForU Scooter

Kymco Agility ForU

  • Length                                       1280 mm
  • Width                                         575 mm
  • Height                                       1100 mm
  • Max speed                                12.8 Kph / 8 mph
  • Range                                        40 Km / 25 miles
  • Wheel size                                305 mm / 12″
  • Wheel type                               Low Profile Pneumatic
  • Heaviest part                           na
  • Total weight inc bat               107 kg
  • Battery                                      50 ah
  • Seat Height – Dec K (mm)     460 / 520 mm
  • Lights fitted                             Yes
  • Turning radius                        1560 mm
  • Max slope – Deg                       12 Deg
  • Colours Glossy Black, Sapphire Blue, Glossy Bronze, Metallic Mink, Cherry Red


Mobility Scooters

Kymco Maxi XLS ForU Scooter

Maxi XLS ForU


Mobility Scooters

Kymco Maxer ForU Scooter

Maxer ForU


Mobility Scooters, My Mobility Scooter won't go, SERVICES

Mobility Scooter Service

sterling emerald Mobility scooter #CCFM

Why have your scooter serviced?

As you depend on your scooter to give you independence and transportation it is vital that your scooter is reliable and safe to use.
All mobility scooter manufactures recommend that scooters are serviced at least once a year.
If you wish to sell your scooter at some point, it could attract a higher price with a full service history.

If your scooter is under warranty, extended warranty  or you have scooter insurance, it may be invalid if you don’t have your scooter serviced.

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