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New Aerolight-High Rise Ramp


Achieve incredible lengths and heights with lightweight, portable ramps!

A convenient, portable solution for multiple steps, combining the well-known benefits of the NEW Aerolight-Xtra with the ramp joining support (AJ4).

Your benefits:

  • Fully adjustable for any height and gradient
  • Ramp joining support (AJ4) is also available separately – see below
  • Save £’s by buying as a kit

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New Aerolight-Up&Over Ramp



The complete up and over solution for thresholds

 The NEW Aerolight-Up&Over kit combines the versatile Aerolight-Xtra with the innovative Doorline-Multi (DM5), providing everything needed for access up to and over the threshold.

Your benefits:

  • Versatile, quick and easy to deploy
  • Solves most threshold types and heights
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Seamless transition right over the threshold
  • Saves £’s by buying as a kit

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New Aerolight-Broadfold Ramp

Quick, easy and safe to deploy; great for vehicle access

A simple and effective scooter ramp, the NEW Aerolight-Broadfold folds to half-length for compact storage.

Your benefits:

  • Now with four rigid handles for safety and ease-of-use
  • Easy vehicle loading – superb solution for taxi and minibus ramp applications.
  • Highest capacity broadfold ramp on the market!
  • Full-width lip locates firmly into vehicle

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New Aerolight-Lifestyle Ramp

Full-width safety and easy handling; great for out-and-about and home use!

The innovative NEW Aerolight-Lifestyle leads the pack in full-width scooter ramps. This unique ramp’s two halves make it very light to carry and easy to store.

Your benefits:

  • New rigid handles for safety and ease-of-use
  • Safety hinges with pinch protection
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio scooter ramp available!
  • Incredibly compact for storage
  • Easy vehicle loading


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New Aerolitght – Extra Ramp

A proven and popular workhorse

Quick and easy to deploy, the Aerolight-Xtra is an all round winner in real life situations. Since its introduction in 2003, the original style of the Aerolight has seen many improvements and is also available as High Rise, and Up&Over kits.

Your benefits:

  • Folds and clips together for convenient, compact storage
  • Flat hinge underneath for the best possible step clearance
  • Contrasting colour edge strip increases visibility
  • Very easy to carry and deploy
  • Full-width anti-slip surface provides excellent grip
  • Grip surface folds inside when stored and carried for protection and ultimate safety when carrying and deploying

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New Aerolite-Classic Ramp

So easy – simply place and use!

 The NEW Aerolight-Classic is available in shorter lengths where the convenience of a folding product may not be needed.

Your benefits:

  • Great portable solution for thresholds, kerbs and steps
  • Well suited for public access
  • Extremely stable; perfect for walking users

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Aerolite Ramp Accessories

Upright Storage Bracket Kit

Compact vertical storage for NEW Aerolight-Xtra ramps c/w locking top section for extra security (maximum 180cm long ramp recommended for ease-of-reach).  Perfect for railway applications and supplied with railway standard key.  Base can be fitted to floor or wall.  Code: ASBV

Horizontal Storage Bracket Kit

Easy, ergonomic storage for NEW Aerolight-Classic and Xtra ramps with padlock security (padlock supplied with kit).  Code: ASB

Wall Strap Kit

Quick-fit strap holds all NEW Aerolight ramps vertically against wall for a tidy storage solution. Code: AWK

Warning Cone

High visibility cone, alerts pedestrians to the presence of access ramps. Code: AWC

Ramp Locating Peg Kit

Can be fitted to any NEW Aerolight ramp to securely locate the ramp on upper step/vehicle, etc. Kit includes: 2 studs, drill bit and fixings. Image shows the underside of lip with locating studs. Code: ARLS

Connect Platform

For use with all NEW Aerolight ramps, excellent for events. Code: CP12