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Incontinence Products

Tena Comfort, Tena Fix, Tena Flext, Tena Lady, Tena Men, Tena Pants, Tena Slip, Senset All-in-one Pads, Lille

Caring Comes First Mobility stocks a huge range of incontinence products at very competitive prices.

We specialise in Tena Incontinence products, but we also stock Senset and Lille


Caring Comes First Mobility has one of the largest stocks of Tena Incontinence Products in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey


Tena Bed PadTena Bed Pads
Protection for beds and chairs against accidental urine loss with extra absorption capacity and with a soft surface that is comfortable to the skin.


Tena Comfort Tena Comfort
TENA Comfort is a flexible and comfortable ‘shaped’ pad, for people who require a high absorbency product and wish to continue using pads.


Tena FixTena Fix
Part of a 2-piece product, TENA Fix is a purpose-designed reusable mesh stretch pant, suitable for holding TENA Comfort pads in place securely.


Tena FlexTena Flex
TENA Flex is revolutionary belted protection which offers both the security and flexibility of an all-in-one system, and the comfort and discretion of a cloth-type product.


Tena LadyTena Lady
Specially designed for light to moderate bladder weakness, these soft, comfortable towels offer fast and efficient absorbency so you feel protected at all times.


Tena menTena Men
Additional detail TENA Men is so discreet, no one will ever know you’re wearing it. Designed specifically for men , for all day comfort, dryness and security, this cup shaped product follows the contours of your body for a snug, secure fit.


Tena PantsTena Pants
TENA Pants are a pad and pant in one, that look and feel just like everyday underwear, that hug the shape of your body perfectly.



Tena SlipTena Slip
TENA Slip benefits from FeelDry™ technology for outstanding dryness and a dual core to rapidly absorbs urine and retains it away from the body.


SensetSenset All-in-one Pads
Immobile all-in-one pads are an all-in-one pad offering maximum absorbency for people with very severe incontinence


CCF Mobility has a large stock of Lille incontinence Products • Inco Pads • Disposable Bed Pads

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