Exercise & Therapy

Exercise & Therapy

Over Door pulley, Pedal Exerciser, Rainbow Putty, Hand Exicisers, Exercise Band,

Over Door pulleyOver Door pulley
Use the Over Door Exercise Pulleys to help improve range of motion and coordination following CVA; the stronger arm pulls the affected arm up in a controlled stretching motion. Useful for slow, passive stretching. Ideal for home range of motion programs. Large handles are easy to grasp. A cuff-style weight can be added to one side for more resistance and to build muscle strength. (Weights sold separately). The 8′ (2.6m) rope can be adjusted easily for proper fit. Two models are available. Over Door Exercise Pulley with Extended Metal Bracket positions the pulleys 15″ (38cm) away from the door to give the client more room to move.

Pedal ExerciserPedal Exerciser
Economical and compact home exerciser. This exerciser helps restore muscle strength, circulation and coordination to the lower and upper extremities. Can be stored easily under a chair or bed. Durable steel frame, Chrome finish, non-slip tips. Measures 510 x 400 x 230mm (20 x 15.75 x 9″).


Rainbow puttyRainbow Putty
Create individualised hand exercise programs with colourful Rainbow Putty. Ideal for developing hand-muscle strength and increasing endurance. Exercising with Rainbow Putty promotes increased range of motion, hand closure and tendon gliding. Colour coding indicates the varying resistances.

Hand ExerciserHand Exicisers
These colorful, spring-loaded hand exercisers are available in 10, 15, 30 and 60 lb. (4.5, 6.8, 14 and 27kg) resistances. Large plastic handles feature non-slip rubber grips for a comfortable hold.With the handles spaced just 2 ” (6.4cm) apart, the exerciser can be grasped easily. Hand exercisers measure 4 ” x 2 ” x 1 ” (12 x 7.3 x 2.9cm).


Exercise BandExercise Band
Our Exercise Band is low-powder! Less powder means less mess when handling, on surfaces and in the air. Less powder may reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions. Use this color-coded band as part of progressive rehabilitation programs designed to improve strength and range of motion. Resistance levels are printed at 2′ (.61m) intervals for easy identification and cutting. Band is sold in 6 yd. or 50 yd. (5.5 or 45m) rolls. Our Exercise Bands are available in a handy Dispenser Box of 30 individually wrapped 5′ (1.5m) lengths of band. The entire line of eight boxes uses just 6 ” x 41″ (17 x 104cm) of counter space – less than competing brands. Each individually wrapped band includes a comprehensive, illustrated instruction manual.

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