Servicing & Repair

Mobility Equipment Servicing and Repair


Caring Comes First Mobility services and repairs the following mobility equipment:

Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs, Wheelchairs, Adjustable Chairs, Adjustable Beds.

Servicing on all the above is recommended by the manufactures, and can form part of the warranty.

Most Insurance companies have a clause whereby they may not pay out if the equipment has not been serviced.

Heath and Safety
If your company owns any of the above Mobility Equipment, then your company is responsible to insure the equipment is serviced and maintain, and to provide evidence that it has been carried out.

If you company is registered under the CQC assessment system, then your company is responsible to insure Mobility equipment in general use is serviced and maintained, and to provide evidence that this has been carried out.

Caring Comes First Mobility
We can help you fulfil all the above, buy servicing and maintaining the above equipment and providing written proof that the works have been carried out, this can be in the form of an invoice, or certificate.

All servicing can be carried out on your premises to reduce down time. Caring Comes First mobility only uses genuine manufacture’s parts.

Our own qualified engineers carry out all servicing, and a certificate of servicing can be issued for you records.

To book a service just call
Caring Comes First Mobility on 01189 773 116 or fill in the form below

One of our friendly staff will book your service for a date and time convenient for you.

Mobility Equipment Service / Repair Request


Adjustable Beds, Adjustable Chairs, Information, Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs


Assessments are essential for matching the correct product to the needs, size weight, mobility and disability of our customers.

We provide free assessments for all our customers, particularly when purchasing the following products.

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Adjustable Beds

Sherborne – Adjustable Beds

Caring Comes First Mobility is the local account holder for Sherborne
Adjustable beds and Adjustable Chairs.


The Dorchester and Hampton Adjustable Bed ranges are offered in five sizes shown below with a choice of eight Mattresses and three Headboards.

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