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Wheelchair Hire Berkshire & Hampshire

Wheelchair Hire Berkshire & Hampshire
Find Your Freedom .. Go and Explore

Caring Comes First Mobility has a hire fleet of wheelchairs, both self-propelled and attendant wheelchairs, both chairs fold up so that they can be transported in a car, foot rests are included in the hire

We also hire wheelchair cushions and leg raisers, please request these when booking your wheelchair hire.

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Deltis Bathlift | Deltis Bath Lift

Deltis bathlift #CCFMThe gently contoured seat and backrest gives both comfort and support, and the inbuilt flaps help make a smooth transition between the edge of the bath and the bath lift.

You can even set the angle of recline to suit your requirements from 10° to 40° making the Bathmaster Deltis the ideal bathroom aid, especially for those with weak or bad backs.

Deltis Bath Lift Features:

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CCF Mobility Scooter Service

sterling emerald Mobility scooter #CCFM

Why have your scooter serviced?

As you depend on your scooter to give you independence and transportation it is vital that your scooter is reliable and safe to use.
All mobility scooter manufactures recommend that scooters are serviced at least once a year.
If you wish to sell your scooter at some point, it could attract a higher price with a full service history.

If your scooter is under warranty, extended warranty  or you have scooter insurance, it may be invalid if you don’t have your scooter serviced.

Caring Comes First Mobility provides a complete 50 point service and safety inspection, including a battery check to ensure your mobility scooter is running correctly and safely.

Our fully trained and experienced engineers, can service your mobility scooter at you home. This reduces the down time and saves our customers the hassel of trying to take their scooter our shop.
The service follows a well established written schedule, to ensure all 50 points are carried out and signed off.

As part of the service all the mobility scooter’s safety devices are tested to ensure they are fully functional.

Battery Test – Now included in the service
As the means of powering your scooter, the battery condition and the ability to hold a charge is crucial to ensure your scooter will take you to your destination and return home.
Caring Ccomes First Mobility
has invested in the latest hi-tech battery testers to ensure we collect the most accurate information on your batteries condition and capacity.

If during a service our engineer finds a fault with your scooter, he will inform you straight away. He will explain the nature, seriousness and consequences of the fault.
Also he will provide you with a cost for the repair. If required our engineers can transport your scooter to our workshop for more major repairs

When the service is completed
Once our engineer has finished the service and taken your scooter for a test run, he will inform you of any defects or items that will require replacing i.e. worn tyre, battery, motor brushes etc.


To book a service just call
Caring Comes First Mobility on 01189 773 116, eMail info@ccfmobility.co.uk or fill in the form below

One of our friendly staff will book your service for a date and time convenient for you.

Mobility Scooter Service Booking request



Wheelchairs, Attendant Wheelchairs, Self propelled Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Accessories

Caring Comes First Mobility has a large selection of Wheelchairs available to meet your needs, all at competitive prices
All our wheelchairs come complete with footrests and arm rests, cushions can be purchased separately.


Each wheelchair can be easily folded up for transport or storage. Drive units can be fitted to some of the wheelchairs we stock, please ask for details.

Transit Wheelchair


Attendant Wheelchairs
Attendant wheelchairs are for people who cannot propel themselves due to physical or mental reasons. The attendant has full control of the wheelchair breaks and steering.


Caring Comes First Mobility Self-propelled wheelchair


Self propelled Wheelchairs
People who are able to propel themselves, and have full control of the wheelchair breaks and steering use self-propelled wheelchairs. An attendant can help to push the wheelchair


CCF Mobility New Service
We now offer the following services
Specialist Seating
Prescriptive Wheelchair and powerchairs
High end Wheelchair and powerchairs

A full Turnkey service including
Cooperation with Occupational Therapist
Full home Assessment for high end Wheelchair and powerchairs
Measurements survey
Fully quoted options
Purchase and delivery
Assembly and adjustments
After care servicing

View our selection of Wheelchairs and accessories

Hire a Wheelchair from Caring Comes First Mobility

Incontinence Products

Incontinence Products

Tena Comfort, Tena Fix,  Tena Flext, Tena Lady, Tena Men, Tena Pants, Tena Slip,  Senset All-in-one Pads, Lille

Incontinence Products Wokingham Berkshire

CCF Mobility stocks a huge range of incontinence products at very competitive prices.

We specialise in Tena Incontinence products, but we also stock Senset and Lille


CCF Mobility has one of the largest stocks of Tena Incontinence Products in Berkshire

View our Incontinence Product Range


 Not Sure what you need, come to CCF Mobility
and our staff will help you decide which product is best for you