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Knee Replacement / Hip Replacement Operation Aids and Products

Hip / Knee Replacement Operation
Aids, Equipment and Products

Both Knee and Hip replacement operations are now common place, and the recovery times are reducing as technology advances.

The recovery period is the most important part of the treatment, as what you do during this time will help determine the success of the operation.

During your recovery period you may benefit from using some of the Aids or Equipment listed below, not all of which are available on the National Health

Knee Operation
Following a Knee replacement Operation your mobility will be reduced until you knee heals. Bending of the knee may prove painful, but vital to help the muscles strengthen and prevent the knee from seizing up.

Hip Operation
Following a Hip replacement  Operation you will require all seating at a higher level than normal during your recovery period, so as to prevent restricted circulation at your groin. You will also find bending down difficult.

Remember to take note and abide by the advice your
Doctor / Physio has given you

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