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Lincoln Height Adjustable Toilet Seat and Frame

Features: 1. Plastic coated steel frame 2. Blow moulded clip on seat 3. Seat height is 52-67cm 4. Seat width is 45cm 5. Seat depth is 40cm 6. Adjustable height legs 7. Non-slip rubber tips

Easy Wipe

Easy Wipe This totally new and innovative design overcomes the drawbacks of any existing devices and ensures personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult. The design of the Buckingham Easywipe has been thoroughly researched and the resultant ergonomic shape helps anyone with limited… Continue Reading “Easy Wipe”

Height Adjustable Toilet Surround

Features: 1. Plastic coated steel frame 2. Blow moulded plastic armrests 3. Adjustable height legs 4. Width between arms is 51cm 5. Non-slip rubber tips  

Raised Toilet seats

Raised Toilet Seats The Atlantis Raised Toilet Seats RTS are avaiable in 3 height sizes (5cm, 10cm and 15cm) and either with or without a lid. The lid can be used as a bathroom seat. They are lightweight and easy to install. All the… Continue Reading “Raised Toilet seats”